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Professor of Health Psychology
Health Behaviour Research Centre
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
University College London
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One of the country's leading drum stores with professional, friendly, expert advice and great gear and rock bottom prices. And my son Daniel works there! They also have a lot of other musical stuff. 
QUIT: the stop-smoking charity
The UK's foremost independent provider of smoking cessation support
Action on Smoking and Health
This site contains a wealth of information on all aspects of tobacco control
This is you one-stop shop for all information relating to the treatment of tobacco dependence
Smoking in England
This wite provides up to date statistics on smoking and smoking cessation in England narising out of monthly surveys carried out as part of the 'Smoking Toolkit Study' funded by Cancer Research UK, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline
British Websites
Web design company owned by Daniel West and Matthew West (part of Silverback Internet Services Ltd)
Silverback Internet Services
Online products and services including website hosting - owned by Matthew and Daniel West
Jamie West
Official website of Jamie West (Singer/Songwriter). Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Bob Dylan and they go round Peter Gabriel's house when Mark Knopfler turns up with Jeff Beck and Richard Thompson
Vasco Graphics
Graphic design company owned by Matthew West
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